Vote on ideas

Voting allows you and your contributors to prioritize the top ideas by allocating votes to ideas.
You may design your voting process to allow your contributors to do the following:
- allocate only one vote to ideas.   
- allocate more than one vote to an idea.   
- allocate all their votes before they can proceed to the next step.   
- sort the results to show the most voted ideas at the top.

Add or customize an existing Vote process (facilitator only)

  1. Open the map customization page.
  2. To add a new Vote process, click on the (+) button at the end of the Process section and select Vote.

  3. To customize an existing Vote process, click on the step under the Process section.
  4. Adjust the behavior of the Vote process, click OK then SAVE CHANGES

  5. Allocate Votes to ideas
    1. Go to your map and click on Vote.
    2. Allocate votes to ideas
      In the voting step within your map, participants can allocate their votes by clicking the PLUS and MINUS buttons next to each idea.

      Reviewing your voting results in reporting
      You can view your voting results in reporting, the report will detail which ideas received votes, you may also view which individuals voted.

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