ACTION ideas

Actioning ideas is a process that empowers you and the team to add multiple actions to ideas. This includes what needs to be done, who is responsible and the due date. A report is generated to view all the created actions, per idea.

1. Open the map customization page.

2. To add a new Action process, click ADD STEP, and select ACTION.

3. Add any instructions and select who can add actions to ideas. Once you are done, click OK then SAVE CHANGES

5. To add actions to each idea, go to your map and click on ACTION

6. Click on the idea and select ADD ACTION or select the flag next to the idea.

7. Add details (e.g. what, who, when) to the action item, click CREATE when you are done.

8. You can add multiple actions to an idea and rearrange them using the drag and drop icon. 

9. To view the actions, click on the idea or the flag next to it. 

The Actions created for all the ideas are found in Reports.

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