GROUP related ideas

Grouping lets you or contributors put similar ideas into a group and rename it if needed. Doing this enables contributors to vote, rate, take action, or comment on groups of ideas.

Please note that GroupMap keeps an audit trail of group ideas, just in case.
Add or customize an existing Group step (facilitator only).
1. Open the map customization page.
2. Click on the ADD STEP button at the end of the Process section and select Group.  
3. Click on the hamburger icon to drag and drop into position.
4.You can assign who can group ideas by clicking the Group step. Click OK and save map.
5.Grouping Ideas.
a. Go to your map and click on GROUP.
b. Select ideas to group together by clicking the checkmark icon. It turns blue when you select the ideas.
c. Click on the GROUP to group ideas. It will also indicate the number of ideas selected.  
d. You can now give the group a new title.  

Review your Groups in reporting
Groups are summarised in the map report, showing what was grouped and who grouped the ideas. 

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