RATE ideas

You must be a Facilitator to add or customize this process step.

Rating ideas is a process that allows participants to rate each idea on a sliding scale or against a score (up to 999). It allows contributors to rate independently without any influence or bias. The results are automatically collated to show ratings and their average.

To add a RATE step:

  1. Open the map customization page (see Customize your map).
  2. Navigate to PROCESS.
  3. Click ADD STEP.
  4. Click RATE. Customize as needed.

To customize an existing RATE step:

  1. Navigate to PROCESS in the map customization page.
  2. Click on the RATE step to be customized.
  3. Customize as needed. Click OK.

  5. To allocate ratings to ideas:    

Open the map, then navigate to the RATE Process step.

Participants can allocate ratings by clicking on the idea and adjusting the blue circle cursor.

To view a RATE report:

  1. Go to the map.
  2. Open the side panel by clicking the hamburger icon (top left).
  3. Select REPORTS.
  4. Navigate to the RATE tab. A summary of all ideas and their ratings can be found.

To export, save or print a RATE report, see Export data to Excel.

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