GroupMap Knowledge Base

Getting started

A quick start guide to using GroupMap

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Create multiple maps in a single workspace for a sequence of activites.

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Creating maps

Start and create a map from a range of categories.

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Customizing maps

Design and customise the look and process flow of your maps.

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Customizing map design

Customise the background, layout and look and feel of your maps.

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Customizing map processes

Create customised workflows with different steps and configure their settings.

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Customizing map options

Advance customisation such as tags, colour legends and user permissions.

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Inviting and managing participants

Invite people as viewers, contributors or facilitators.

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Joining maps and workspaces

How to join a map or workspace.

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Facilitate your meeting

Features within your maps to help you facilitate your session.

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Importing ideas

Move ideas from one map to another.

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Exporting ideas

Exporting your data out of GroupMap.

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Managing your maps

Move, delete, archive, save or clone your maps.

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Invite people as facilitators to manage your maps and workspaces.

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Managing your subscription

Manage your account and profile.

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Configuring Single Sign On (SSO)

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Printing reports

Create, filter and download information from your map.

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Add files, links, images and videos to ideas.

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Deep dive into an idea by capturing and reporting on comments.

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Give us feedback or suggest a feature.

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Merge similar ideas manually or via search and create new headers.

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Security and privacy

Keeping your data secure, private and safe.

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Tips and tricks

Some pro tips on using GroupMap at your meeting.

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Common fixes and workarounds.

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