Position ideas

Positioning ideas allows contributors to drag and drop ideas around the map.
Use this sorting exercise to drag your most important ideas to the top of the list, along the axis of a chart or to a different region of a canvas.
You can do this individually to see how aligned people are, or use a collaborative approach so that everyone sees the same output. Reports will show the position of ideas relative to each other.

Add or customize an existing Position process (facilitator only)

  1. Open the map customization page
  2. To add a new Position process, click on the (+) button at the end of the Process section and select Position.
  3. To customize an existing Position process, click on the step under the Process section
  4. Adjust the behaviour of the Position process, click OK then SAVE CHANGES. 

Positioning Ideas individually or collaboratively
Simply drag and drop ideas to their desired positions by clicking and holding an idea. Rearrange listed ideas or place ideas on a perceptual map. Ideas can be positioned collaboratively or individually. 

Collaborative positioning means everyone moves ideas on a single board. The results are WYSIWYG and displays the position of the ideas last placed by either a facilitator or participant.

Individual positioning means each person moves ideas onto their map on their own. They do not see where other people position their ideas at this stage. In the results step, the ideas will display the average position of the idea by the group. Clicking on an idea will then show the spread of ideas from everyone. This allows you to see how closely aligned people are on a particular idea. A participant can click on an idea to UNDO a position.

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