Inviting facilitators

Inviting additional facilitators is available on Enterprise or Event plans only.  (Not available on basic or individual professional accounts)

Inviting facilitators allows you to add another person/s to help you facilitate the map or workspace. It gives them full access to map and participant management, and all meeting facilitation features. 

This is a very useful feature when dealing with large numbers, complex events, small break-out groups, or concurrent sessions which require people to be able to most effectively manage group discussions.

Additional fees may be charged for adding facilitators depending on your license type and the number of seats.

You must be a map facilitator to invite additional facilitators.

Facilitators can be invited to a workspace via 

  • Invite by email
    • An email will be sent to the user with a unique URL they can use to join the map. We recommend that you do not make this link shared so that only the verified user can join as a
    • Unless the SHAREABLE LINK has been enabled, only the verified user with the email used will be able to join.
    • We recommend this option as it provides you with the best control over your facilitators.
  • Invite by Invitation ID
    • A nine-digit unique alphanumeric code can be shared with facilitators.
  • Invite by Invitation URL
    • Share the invite URL which will provide facilitator access.
  • Invite by QR code
    • A QR code that provides a user facilitator access. Please note anyone scanning this code will have facilitator access.

Revoking access
Invited facilitators can be revoked by Owners / Facilitators via the drop-down next to the Participants Pane. As long as you revoke their access prior to them joining the map, they will not be counted as an additional facilitator invite.

Additional facilitators costs

Enterprise Site-Wide license - No additional costs
Enterprise Floating and Standard license - Cost per additional facilitator charged each calendar month based on your subscription plan
Event - quoted at the time of the event.

As a rough guide, the cost of a single additional facilitator ranges from $60USD for a single calendar month down to $25USD for a single month.
Please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements. Only Active Facilitators will be charged.

What is an active facilitator?

An active facilitator is a user who has logged in with facilitator access within a calendar month to view, edit, modify, manage, delete, create or facilitate a map or workspace. 

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