Introduction to workspaces

Workspaces are available on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

The number of participants and Invited Facilitators you can invite to a workspace is based on your GroupMap plan.

A GroupMap workspace is a collection of maps with the same set of participants (Facilitators and Viewers).

Workspaces are ideal for:

  • Recurring activities (such as periodic retrospectives)

    Invite your team once and they'll be able to access all maps you add to the workspace in the future, no need to invite each time.

  • Conferences and events

    Invite participants to join the conference workspace and they can participate in all related conference maps.

  • Managing classes

    Invite students to join the class workspace, and they'll have access to all maps created over the year. 

In addition to a convenient way of managing multiple maps and participants, workspaces:

  • allow participants to quickly navigate between related maps (in the order you choose)
  • allow facilitators to automatically navigate participants to a different map when as the topic of discussion changes
  • can be duplicated, allowing multiple maps to be duplicated in one step. If you'd like to run a set of activities with multiple groups; you can do so easily

See: Getting started with workspaces

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