Getting started with workspaces

Workspaces are available on the professional and organization plans

Create your workspace

  • On your GroupMap homepage, click CREATE WORKSPACE.
  • You will be presented with the workspace customization screen
    • Give your workspace a name and an optional description
    • Optionally, upload a workspace logo by clicking the picture icon above the workspace name
    • Optionally, customize the workspace colour by clicking the painters palette icon in the bottom right
    • Optionally, upload a workspace background image by clicking the picture icon in the bottom right
    • Optionally, adjust the workspace anonymity
      Note: This set the minimum anonymity level of all maps created in the workspace. You can still enable anonymity on individual maps in a workspace; however you will not be able to disable anonymity on an individual map if the workspace is anonymous. 
  • When you are finished customizing your workspace, click CREATE WORKSPACE at the bottom of the screen
  • You will be redirected to your new workspace home page.

Add maps to your workspace

  • In your workspace home page, click ADD A NEW MAP.
  • The process for selecting a map template, and customizing your map is the same as creating a map individually. For more information see Creating a new map

  • Once you've created your map, it will appear in the workspace home page.

  • Note: If you have multiple maps in your workspace, you can adjust the order by pressing the left or right arrow buttons that appear when you hover the cursor over the map.

Invite participants to your workspace

  • From your workspace home page, click on the Invite button located top right of the screen
    Note: Alternatively you can click on the "PARTICIPANTS" tab, and then press the "Invite Participants" button  

  • The invitation process for workspaces is the same as for individual maps.
    For details see Inviting and managing participants

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