Change participant role

You must be a map / workspace  owner or  facilitator to change participant roles

Only a facilitator on an organisation plan can change a participant’s role to facilitator.

1. Go to your map and click PARTICIPANTS.  

Alternatively, click the hamburger icon and select PARTICIPANTS

2. Click on participant name or click on the 3 dot icon and select VIEW.

3. Finally, select the role that you want your participant to be. A participant role can be a facilitator, contributor, or viewer.
For more information on the different roles please see User roles and permissions

  • Facilitators can take part in map activities, change map settings, and invite other participants.  
  • Contributors can take part in map activities (e.g. adding ideas, voting, etc), but cannot change map settings or invite other participants. 
  • Viewers can see the map results but cannot take part in map activities.  

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