User roles and permissions

This article explains the user roles and permissions available in GroupMap.

Standard map/workspace roles

Participants can only be added to a map by a map Facilitator or Owner.

Each participant in the map/workspace has one of the following roles.


  • Can read and comment on the information contained within a map or workspace.


  • All capabilities of Viewers, plus:
  • Can add ideas to a map
  • Can edit or modify ideas on a map (subject to map settings)
  • Can comment on map ideas
  • Can vote on ideas (subject to map settings)
  • Can group ideas (subject to map settings)
  • Can rate ideas (subject to map settings)
  • Can add actions to ideas (subject to map settings)
  • Can complete surveys


  • All capabilities of Viewers and Contributors, plus:
  • Can invite participants (Facilitators, Contributors, Viewers)
  • Can remove participants (Facilitators, Contributors, Viewers) and their inputs.
  • Can change the role of other participants subject to available licenses.
  • Can modify workspace title and anonymity
  • Can modify map title, anonymity, design, process and features (see Customizing a Map)
  • Can lock and unlock stages
  • Can set timers
  • Can move all Contributors / Viewers to a specific step in a specific map
  • Can allow participants to access reports or results.
  • Can lock and unlock whole maps.
  • Can modify the permissions to prevent one user from deleting or editing the ideas by another.
  • Can archive a map or workspace.
  • Can set entry of map data to be for Facilitators only.
  • Can delete individual ideas.
  • Can revoke access of an individual participant
  • Can revoke overall access of the map and reissue a new link
  • For Active Facilitator and Invited Facilitator see Facilitators


  • All capabilities of of Viewers, Contributors, Facilitators, plus:
  • Can delete map/workspace
  • Owner's subscription or Enterprise plan dictates the capabilities of the map (eg. participant limit, access to Consent and Survey functionality etc)

See for further information

Enterprise roles


  • Can view maps/workspaces they are participants of 
  • Can create maps/workspaces (for site-wide Enterprise licenses)
  • Can participate in maps/workspaces (Note: anybody can be invited to participate in a map/workspace unless Single Sign On is enabled and set as required. If enabled, only authenticated SSO users will be able to join.
  • Cannot see maps/workspaces created by other users unless explicitly invited


  • All capabilities of Users, plus:
  • View and download
    • Enterprise usage statistics
    • List of users created
    • List of maps created
  • Cannot reallocate licenses or data from one user to another.
  • Cannot view or modify maps or workspaces by another user unless invited to the map by the map owner.

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