Get CONSENT from participants

    Getting Consent provides a notification to contributors before they you begin your GroupMap. Consent may be used to gather consent to specific tasks, acknowledgment, terms, conditions and information before joining a map. Using Reports, GroupMap shows you the date and time of people providing their consent.

    Add or customize an existing Consent process (facilitator only)

    1. Open the map customization page
    2. To add a new Consent process, click on the (+) button at the end of the Process section and select Consent

    3. To customize an existing Consent process, click on the step under the Process section
    4. In the Consent window, enter your instructions and your consent statement as required, click OK then SAVE CHANGES. 

    5. What will the Contributors see?

Consent reporting
See who has or has not consented at any time in the reports section under CONSENT.

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