CONSENT from participants

You must be a Facilitator to add or customize this process step.

This process step presents a notification to contributors before they progress to their activity.

It may be used to gather responses to specific tasks, acknowledgment, terms, conditions, and information needed before a participant joins a map and/or progresses to the next step.

Reports show the names, dates, and times consent was provided.

To add a CONSENT process step:

  1. Open the map customization page (see Customize your map).
  2. Navigate to PROCESS. Click ADD STEP. Select CONCENT.

To customize an existing CONSENT process step:

  1. Navigate to PROCESS. Click on the step to be customized.
  2. In the CONSENT window, enter your instructions and your consent statement as required. Click OK. Click SAVE CHANGES

When added as the first process step, participants will see a CONSENT message when they join the map.

To change the order in which the step appears within the process, see Reorder process steps.

To view a CONSENT report:

  1. Go to the map.
  2. Open the side panel by clicking the hamburger icon (top left).
  3. Select REPORTS.
  4. Navigate to the CONSENT tab. A summary of those who have and have not consented can be found.

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