SURVEY participants

Surveying allows you to ask your contributors multiple choice questions prior to joining the map. These surveys can be created and customized to help manage to help gather information helpful for your map. The survey questions could be anything you want and the answers are collected in GroupMap and may be accessed using Reporting.

Add or customize an existing Survey process (facilitator only)

  1. Open the map customization page
  2. To add a new Survey process, click on the (+) button at the end of the Process section and select Survey
  3. To customize an existing Survey process, click on the step under the Process section
  4. Start entering Survey questions and their respective answers, click OK then SAVE CHANGES. 

    Note the following extra instructions:

Changed your mind?
Click START OVER to erase all questions and start again and you can also USE DEFAULT to use a standard set of general questions.

Deleting a single question.
Click the question OPTION MENU as shown and select REMOVE. 

Survey reporting

A summary of all the survey answers can be found in the reports section under Survey, where you can view the answers, when it was added and who added it.

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