SURVEY participants

You must be a Facilitator to add or customize this process step.

Surveying and polling allow you to ask your participants a set of questions at any time during your activity. These surveys and polls can be created and customized to gather information or to increase engagement.

To create a poll and survey:

  1. Open the map customization page (see Customise your map).
  2. To add a new survey or poll, click ADD STEP, then choose SURVEY.

    3. To customize an existing survey process, click on the step under the PROCESS section.

  1. Click ADD A QUESTION and select a suitable type of question.

  1. You can add multiple questions to the poll/survey by repeating the process.

  1. You can delete, duplicate, or move questions.

  1. Participants can be asked to complete all questions before continuing, by toggling the option (bottom left).

  1. Once you are happy with the questions, click SAVE CHANGES.
  2. Invite participants to the map and ask them to answer the questions. After your participants have answered the questions, click VIEW RESULTS.

These results will also be visible in your REPORTS.

Facilitation tip

For qualitative surveys, use short answers,  long answers, or ratings. For quantitative ones, you can choose Multi Choice, Dropdown, Star Rating, or Numeric rating. Emoticons are good for mood.

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