Control your map activity

        Controlling map activities is an essential function to help the facilitator run a smooth collaborative session. GroupMap provides the Facilitators controls of each of the Processes with an aim to help customize, restrict, import, and view access to all Contributors to achieve a common goal or task.

        GroupMap welcomes any functional or design suggestions to help our community communicate and promote the effective use of our maps.

        1. Go to your map.    
        2. Using each Process steps, click on the down arrow to view all the facilitator controls.      Please note that all the Process Controls may differ with different Process steps.

          Here's a quick run down of each function.

          Move all participants to this step 
          This brings all participants in a workspace or map to this step of the map. They will not be able to move to another stage until this is unchecked or the facilitator moves them to another.

          Show timer
          This displays a timer with preset times that count downs for each step. The timer is just a guide and can be adjusted. It will not stop people from finishing typing at the end of the timer.

          Participants can view
          If you don't want participants to see a stage until you are ready, you can hide a step by disabling view access for participants. You can create all the steps beforehand and then unlock them as you go.

          Participants can edit
          If you would like to have a discussion or questions before people start to contribute, you can disable editing which means that they cannot add to the map but they can see this step.

          Sort idea by
          This provides a range of sorting features such as alphabetical, oldest first, newest first, or random.

          Show ideas (filter)
          This filters ideas by colour, pinned ideas, select fields or categories (if set up). This is useful to just focus on a few key ideas during a step.

          Customize Step
          Change the settings of the Process step at any point. Click  here for information on how to customize a process step. 

          Import ideas from another map
          This lets you import ideas from a different map.

          Clear all ideas
          This permanently clears all ideas, comments or votes from a map.

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