Control your map activity

Controlling map activities is an essential function to help a Facilitator govern, guide and facilitate the Contributors. GroupMap provides the Facilitators controls of each of the Processes with an aim to help customize, restrict, import and view access to all Contributors to achieve a common goal or task.

GroupMap welcomes any functional or design suggestions to help our community communicate and promote the effective use of our maps.

  1. Go to your map
  2. Using the Process steps, click on the down arrow to view all the Process Controls
    Please note that all the Process Controls may differ with different Process steps, take the time to familiarize yourself with the Process Controls for your information.

    Listed below are the most popular Process Controls for you to use during your map activity

    Customizing Step
    The Customize Step allows the Facilitator to change the settings or functionalities of the Process step at any point during the map activity, click  here for information on how to customize a process step.

    Size or Sort Ideas
    The Size or Sort ideas allows the Facilitator to arrange or rearrange ideas as either alphabetically, their ranking based on points, votes,  ratings or scores, this could help with prioritization of ideas

    Contributors can edit
    The Contributors can edit allows the Facilitator allow or disallow Contributors to enter ideas into that particular Process step

    Contributors can view
    The Contributors can view allows the Facilitator to hide or unhide specific Process steps from Contributors

    Lock Contributors in this step
    The Lock Contributors in this step allows the Facilitator to bring all the Contributors to that Process step and keep them there

    Import ideas from another map
    The Import ideas from another map allows the Facilitators to import all ideas created from a different map

    Clear all ideas
    The Clear all ideas allows the Facilitators to clear all ideas and reset that Process step, please note that this cannot be undone

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