Import ideas from another map

If multiple activities are being run in a single session or you simply want to take ideas from one map and put them into another, the IMPORT IDEAS feature allows you to quickly bring in ideas so that you can start a new activity quickly.

To import ideas from another map:

  1. Go to your map.
  2. Navigate to the BRAINSTORM process step. Click the BRAINSTORM step.

  3. Click on BRAINSTORM to open the drop-down menu.


5. In the IMPORT dialog box, locate the map you wish to import ideas from.

You can adjust where the imported ideas are to be positioned.

  1. Click IMPORT.

Facilitation Tip - Importing ideas with descriptions and fields

If you are importing ideas with text or select fields from a map and you want these to be visible in the new map, set up those exact fields in the new map before importing in ideas. That way, any pre-existing descriptions will then come across to the relevant field description. Please note that the field descriptions must be exact in order for the importing to map correctly.

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