How to move participants to a map or process step

You must be a Facilitator to access this feature.

This is a feature that allows Facilitators to move all participants to a step within a map.

This is a very useful feature for bringing everyone to the same page so that they are all looking at and working on the same thing. 

Participants will be locked in a particular step of a map until they are moved by the Facilitator or this feature is turned off.

To move all participants to the same step:

  1. Navigate to you map

  1. Click on the process step (top).

  1. Click  MOVE ALL PARTICIPANTS TO THIS STEP. Participants will stay at this step until the facilitator moves them to another. The Facilitator will still be able to move and view previous and next steps. 
  2. Should the Facilitator move to the next step, an orange banner will appear to remind them of the step to which the participants are aligned. To move everyone to the same step, click BRING THEM TO X STEP.

  1. To allow participants to move freely between the steps of the map, or to move them to another map within a workspace, uncheck the option in the drop down.

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