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Floating license

A Floating License is designed for organizations with multiple facilitators who deliver workshops and sessions at various times throughout the year. It is an annual, seat-based license calculated on the number of Active Facilitators in any given calendar month. Also see Inviting facilitators - costs.


For example, if you have four floating licenses, then you can up to 20 people you have nominated/authorized to use GroupMap to create and run maps. 

Each calendar month, there can be up to four people who facilitate sessions with GroupMap. 

As long as the number of active facilitators in a calendar month is less than or equal to the number of floating licenses, there are no additional charges. Map participants do not count towards this number.

A single floating license can be aligned to up to five facilitators.

  • To nominate who can access the floating license, contact us with the details of the people you would like to provide access to and we manage the license pool for you. This is the same with changes to your team.
  • SSO and SAML security protocols can be implemented with floating licenses.
  • If more facilitators are needed than the floating license allows, an organization can either

Increase the number of floating licenses it has


request that a monthly fee be charged for any additional users above the number allowed by the floating licenses and that cost applied to the following month.

The cost of a floating license will depend on the number of facilitators needed as well as any other Enterprise requirements. 

Please Contact us for a quote.

A floating license can be hosted in either the US or EU. The primary hosting location being the US. A paid option for EU hosting is also available. An annual EU hosting fee is payable.

GroupMap offers a range of licenses and will happily work with you to design a plan to fit your needs. 

Contact us and we can help you choose the best plan to fit your needs.

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