Floating License

A Floating Licence is designed for organizations with multiple facilitators who deliver workshops and sessions at various times throughout the year and is an annual seat-based license based on the number of active facilitators in any given calendar month. 

For example, if you have 4 floating licenses, then you can up to 4 people you have nominated/authorized to use GroupMap to create and run maps. Each calendar month, there can be 4 different people who facilitate sessions with GroupMap. The license essentially floats between the 4 people each calendar month.

As long as your number of active facilitators in a calendar month is less than or equal to the number of floating licenses, there are no additional charges. (Map participants do not count towards this number).

Do Map Participants and Viewers count toward the floating licence?

What is the maximum number of nominated facilitators I can add per floating license/seat?

What is an active facilitator?
Any of your nominated users who access GroupMap to create, edit, facilitate, modify or download a map/workspace, as well as invite others into the map or workspace is an active facilitator.

How do I nominate who can access the floating license?
Simply provide us with the details of the people you would like to provide access to and we manage the license pool for you. This is the same with changes to your team.

Can I implement SSO/SAML with floating licenses?
Yes, these security protocols can be put in place

What happens if I need to have more facilitators than the floating license allows?
You can either increase the number of floating licenses your organization has or alternatively, a monthly fee will be charged for any additional users above the number of floating licenses you have in the following month.

How much does a floating license plan cost?
The cost of a floating license will depend on the number of facilitators needed as well as any other enterprise requirements. Please get in touch with us at info@groupmap.com or contact us here for a quote.

Can my floating license be used in the US or EU environment?
You can choose either the US or EU hosting only for a floating license.

What is an alternative to a floating license?
You can also choose between individual professional licenses for each facilitator, or have a site-wide license that allows all users within your domain to access GroupMap. Just get in touch and we can help you choose the best plan to fit your needs. We can help you decide if individual, floating, or site-wide licenses would best fit your needs.

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