Create and share a word cloud

The word cloud feature is available for Professional, Enterprise, and Event plans. Only Facilitators can create word clouds.

A word cloud offers a visual, high-level view of the words that came up most frequently in your activities. This can reveal themes and help a facilitator guide conversations.

Word clouds present the key ideas and themes a map contains; GroupMap automatically removes basic connecting words.

The colors of the words making up the cloud will be the same as the idea as it appears in the map. If the idea has not been allocated a color, the word color will be the same as the region in which the idea is located. If neither idea nor region are coloured, the word cloud defaults to greyscale.

To create a word cloud, a map must include the RESULTS process step.

To create and share a word cloud:

  1. Open the map.
  2. Click on the RESULTS process step.

  1. In the drop down menu toggle SHOW AS WORD CLOUD.

The word cloud will appear on the screen.

Word clouds can be filtered by region to show specific ideas in a region.

You can then filter ideas in each region by color, vote or ratings  

From the RESULTS process step, navigate to the SHOW filter and choose the filter topic. 

To copy or  download the word cloud:

  1. Navigate to the more options icon (top right).

  2. Save and share as needed.

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