How to create a Word Cloud

A word cloud gives you and your participants a visual, high-level view of what words are coming up most frequently in your activities. This can reveal the different themes based on what people have said and can help you guide the conversation.

GroupMap will remove basic connecting words and present the key ideas and themes in your word cloud.

The colour of the ideas follow the following heirarchy

  1. Default: Greyscale
  2. Colour of the ideas itself
  3. Colour of the region that the idea is in.

The Word Cloud feature is available for professional, enterprise, and event accounts only.


Creating your Word Clouds (facilitator only)

1. FULL MAP - On the Result step of your map, click on RESULTS and SHOW AS WORD CLOUD in the drop-down. Your word cloud will be instantly created.

2. WORD CLOUD BY REGION/FILTER: If you have more than one region on your map, you can create a word cloud by region. Click on SHOW and select the region that you want to create the word cloud for. You can also choose to filter to show words by other options such as colour tags, pinned ideas or top rated ideas.

5. You can also download your word clouds or copy them to the clipboard.

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