Group Ideas by Numbers

The facilitator can group ideas based on the numbers.

1. Select the GROUP stage on your map

2. Click on the SEARCH ICON at the top right-hand corner a

3. Type in  # then the specific number that you want to group. It will automatically highlight the ideas that contain a specific number. The number containing the idea will be shown in the Search Pane and highlighted on your map. without the # all ideas that contain that specific number will be shown. 

4. You can search a series of ideas by typing #number (space) #number. As seen below. 

5. Click on the layered checkbox at the top if you want to group all the ideas together or select/deselect ideas as needed. Click on GROUP IDEAS.

6. You have the option to name or theme your grouped ideas or select from your list of ideas. Click on GROUP when finished.

 7. You can add another idea to an existing group by clicking the Grouped Idea and typing in the search bar the #number then click on GROUP next to the idea.

 8. To remove an idea from a group, click on UNGROUP. The idea will then be added back to the map.

GroupMap keeps an audit trail of grouped ideas and you can add or remove ideas to the group as needed. The number will continue based on the last number, if you notice that it skipped a number it means someone had deleted an idea. 

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