Lost invite or email link

Occasionally participants may misplace the invite or link email they received when they first joined a map or workspace.

In such cases, there are three ways they can rejoin the map.

To rejoin via an invite code and the same email address, the participant can:

  1. Navigate to the https://join.groupmap.com/ and enter the invite code (eg. xxx-xxx-xxx).
  • 2. Enter the same email used originally to join.

  • 3. When prompted, click "Can't find the email? Send again".

  • 4. Follow the access link in the link email.

To trigger the welcome email to be re-sent (Facilitator only)

  1. Open the map or workspace.
  2. Navigate to PARTICIPANTS (top right)
  3. Select SEND ACCESS LINK EMAIL from the dropdown of the participant.

GroupMap will re-send the welcome email to the participant, including an access link allowing them to rejoin the map. 

To share an access link (Facilitator only):

  1. Open the map or workspace.
  2. Navigate to PARTICIPANTS (top right).
  3. Select COPY AND ACCESS LINK TO CLIPBOARD  from the dropdown of the participant.
  • The Facilitator can then share this access link however they choose (eg. email, chat), enabling the participant to rejoin the map. 

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