Lost invite or email link

Occasionally participants may misplace the invite or link email they received when they first joined a map or workspace. In this case, there are three ways they can rejoin the map.

Rejoin via invite code and same email address

If the map is configured to require email addresses (default behavior), the participant can:

  • Browse to the https://join.groupmap.com/ and enter the invite code (eg. xxx-xxx-xxx).
  • Enter the same email used originally to join.
  • When prompted, click "Can't find the email? Send again".
  • Follow the access link in the link email.

Facilitator can resend participant link email

As a facilitator in the map or workspace, you can trigger the welcome email to be re-sent

  • Open the map or workspace and browse to Participants.
  • Select Send access link email from the dropdown of the participant.
  • We'll send the welcome email to the participant, including an access link allowing them to rejoin the map. 

Facilitator can share participant access link

  • Open the map or workspace and browse to Participants.
  • Select Copy access link to clipboard from the dropdown of the participant.
  • You can then share this access link however you choose (eg. email, chat) enabling the participant to rejoin the map. 

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