Creating a new map using an existing template

NOTE: This is available on professional and enterprise-level plans.

  1. Log into your GroupMap account at
  2. Using the existing map's options menu, SELECT Use as Template.
  3. Customize your new map (if desired). 
    You will be taken to the map customization page, with the customization settings (including map design, stages, advanced options etc) copied from the template map. If you want to tweak anything, you can do it now; otherwise proceed directly to next step.
  4. Click the CREATE button, a new map will be created based on your template.
    You can now invite participants to the new map and start brainstorming.
  5. Note - can't see  Use as Template option?
    • You may be on the GroupMap Basic plan 
      The "Use as Template" feature is available in the GroupMap Professional and Enterprise plans.
    • You may not be a facilitator for that map
      The "Use as Template" feature is only available on maps you are a facilitator for.

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