Create custom background

You can create a map with a background of your choice using our CUSTOM BACKGROUND template.

There are different ways of creating your own customized background: 

  • Creating a background without text input. 
  • Creating a background with text input.  
  • Creating regions within a map.

To create a custom background without text input:

  1. Log into and click CREATE MAP. 

  2. Select BLANK and then CUSTOM BACKGROUND template.

  3. Click on the background and select UPLOAD BACKGROUND. We recommend 800x500, but the image will stretch to fit.

  4. You can choose an existing background in the LIBRARY tab or upload your own in the UPLOADS tab.

  5. If you do not want participants to add any ideas to the background, delete all the regions on the map. Click on the region, then on the trash bin, and REMOVE. Repeat the process for all regions.