Create custom background

You can create a map with a background of your choice using our Custom background template. 

A. Creating a background without text input.  

1. Log into and click CREATE MAP

2. Select BLANK and then CUSTOM BACKGROUND template.

3. Click on the background and select UPLOAD BACKGROUND. We recommend 800x500, but the image will stretch to fit. 

4. You can choose an existing background in the LIBRARY tab or upload your own in the UPLOADS tab. 

5. If you do not want participants to add any ideas on the background, delete all the regions on the map. Click on the region, then on the trash bin, and REMOVE. Repeat the process for all regions.

6. Click OK once you are done.  

7. Customize the process and options as needed. Click CREATE once you are done. 

B. Creating a background with text input. 

8. If you want your participants to add ideas on the map, go to the background design, click ADD REGION, and select a suitable region shape. In this example, we will use the rectangle region. 

9.  Resize the region to cover the whole background or the part that you would like participants to add ideas on by dragging the corners. 

10.  To make the region transparent so that it does not obscure the background, click on the color palette, and select TRANSPARENT. You can also change the region color if needed. 

11. To select the idea layout, click the corresponding icon and select from the options. Selecting NONE means that participants will not be able to add ideas to the region. 

  • If you select LIST, the ideas will appear in the list format. 

  • If you select TILE, the ideas will appear in the sticky notes format. 

  • If you select FREE, participants can add ideas anywhere on the map. 

12. Customize the title, description, and header position as needed. Click OK and once you are done.

C. Creating regions within a map. 

13. If you do not want the background to take up the entire map, click on the region and select ICON. 

14. You can select one of our existing emoticons, icons, letters & numbers using respective tabs. You can also choose your own image in the UPLOADS tab. 

Notice how the background is opaque by default. 

15. Increase the OPACITY of the region’s background to make it more visible. 


16. Modify the region as much as you want e.g. change title, description, header position, shape, layout, color.  

17. Adjust the region size as you want by dragging the corners. Repeat the same process for other regions if needed. Once you are done, click OK.

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