GroupMap hosting regions

GroupMap operates two isolated production environments, one in the US (United States of America) and EU (European Union).

🇺🇸 United States of America (US) 

Exclusively utilizing storage, backup storage and services hosted in the United States. Our primary datacenter is located in North Virginia. This is our default region for new accounts and can be identified by a URL in the format https://*

🇪🇺 European Union (EU)

Exclusively utilizing storage, backup storage and services hosted in EU member countries. Our primary datacenter is located in Frankfurt, Germany. The EU environment is offered primarily to serve the needs of EU-based enterprise customers, and can be identified by URLs in the format https://*

Please make a note of which environment your team uses, as both environments operate fully isolated from each other your login for one will not work in the other.  

For more information about our EU offering, please contact us at

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