Configuring OneLogin Single Sign On

If you've opted for Single Sign On (SSO) as part of your organization's GroupMap plan, please follow the instructions below to set up the GroupMap application in OneLogin. 

  • In your OneLogin admin dashboard, select Applications -> "Applications".

  • Click "Add App" on the top right

  • Search for "SAML Test" and select "SAML Custom Connector (Advanced)".

  • On the Configuration screen.
    • Enter "Display name": GroupMap
    • Upload the GroupMap logos (you can download the ones below)

    • Select "Save"

  • Click on "Configuration" from the left navigation panel
    • Enter the ACS (Consumer) URL Validator: ^https:\/\/yourcompanyname\.groupmap\.com\/$ (where yourcompanyname is the value given to you by the GroupMap onboarding team)
    • Enter the ACS (Consumer) URL: (where yourcompanyname is the value given to you by the GroupMap onboarding team)

  • Save changes.

  • Click on "SSO" from the left navigation panel
    • Copy the values of the following fields and send to your GroupMap onboarding representative. 
      • SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)
      • Issuer URL

    • Click on View details under the X.509 Certificate section. Copy the value of the X.509 Certificate field and send it to your GroupMap onboarding representative.

  • You're done!

    Congratulations! The Onelogin integration is ready to go on your side. Once GroupMap has received the information above we'll let you know once single sign-on has been enabled and is ready to use.


Once you've completed the steps above and the GroupMap team has enabled Single Sign-On for your organisation, any existing GroupMap email login accounts matching your company's domain (eg. will be migrated to use SSO sign in; and you will no longer be able to sign in using your old GroupMap email / password combinations.

Users who attempt to sign via the GroupMap login screen will be prompted to browse to your SSO login page -

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